Janet Taquino

After 4 months on GET LIFT3D
Weight Lost:

30 pounds
Total Inches LOST:
Down to Size 12

How does one go about thanking someone that has literally saved her from a life of blindness, amputated limbs, and overall bad health? It is with great pleasure that I write about this beautiful, young woman that has done this for me and more. I began my journey with Mandy White, 55 days before Christmas 2016. At the time, I was over 200 pounds, no thyroid, and taking five different medications for diabetes. I saw Mandy’s challenge on Facebook. I had been contemplating contacting her for help as I read many of her posts on her Facebook page, but the challenge propelled me to do so. In September, my A1C for diabetes was 7.5. After seven days, yes, seven days, of following the meal plan that Mandy made for me specifically, my blood sugar dropped to a new all-time low. It was in the 90’s!! My old, “normal” low was 135 – 150 for over 6 years!! Taking all five medicines was impossible with my new low and on November 7, I saw my doctor and she agreed to allow me to go off of four of five of the medications as long as I promised to continue my healthy lifestyle. In January my A1C was recalculated and it was 6.2. Without this dear, beautiful, young woman that worked to give me a new way of eating, I know I would not be where I am now! Mandy uses her knowledge of nutrition and exercise to guide and motivate. She has proven to be an asset to all of the lives that she has touched in the challenge groups. What a teacher! Beauty and Brains! Lifesaver! Inspirational! New Friend! She is all that and MORE!!!”

L. S.

After 3 challenges on GET LIFT3D
Weight Lost:

17 pounds
Total Inches LOST:

Mandy has been an integral part of my fitness rehab. I call it rehab because getting in shape is about a mental transformation not only exercising and dieting. I don’t consider her program a “diet”. It’s a true lifestyle change. If you want success and for it to be longterm, you have to integrate these foods into your daily routine and plan to change the way you eat forever, not just during the program. It takes hard work and dedication and it’s not easy. I have had many set backs and many times I’ve cheated and wished I hadn’t. Mandy always has been there to support me and remind me of my “why” as well as encourage me telling me that I’m normal and not perfect. If it weren’t for Mandy, I wouldn’t have made the lifestyle changes I’ve made over the last couple of years. Not only have I lost inches, pounds, dropped clothing sizes, but I’ve also become healthier physically and mentally. My family eats clean and we’re overall more healthy. I would do it again in a heartbeat and will continue to utilize what Mandy has taught me with her program in the years to come.”

Amanda Bedell

Total Inches LOST: 24"